Ivy and her brothers are so comfortable with each other now.  Thanks again for all your help.

Ivy and her brothers
Ivy and her brothers


I meant to update you awhile ago, but I wanted to let you know Mog and Ilya can exist in the same apartment now! They still have instances of Ilya hissing, mostly when Mog wants to play and she doesn't want to, but overall it's been good here! Thank you so much for your help in this matter. I've attached a photo of them even sleeping in the same bed.


Mog and Ilya


I wanted to reach out and give you a (perhaps last) update on Landon and Punkin. 


They're been getting along pretty well since my last check-in. 


Right at the end of August, my roomies and I moved to a new apartment. I was concerned that this might create a setback, but actually the cats have gotten along better than ever in the new environment. There is still an occasional moment or two where they hiss, or one of them will get tense and I feel the need to separate them, but it's only been once or twice since we moved in. And amazingly enough, they've even been playing together a bit...chasing each other around the apartment, switching off and on between who's chasing and who's being chased.


When I leave for a few hours, or even a whole day, I now trust that they won't hurt each other. 

Thanks so much for your help! I feel like we successfully integrated these two and that with time, maybe they'll even become cat-friends. 


Landon and Punkin

Holly - Bellevue, Washington

Am happy to report that there have been NO incidents at all since your visit! I'm very pleased so far, and am singing your praises to everyone I know. Thanks for your help.

Rebecca - Bellevue, Washington

[Wilson] is a new cat. Not a single litter box lapse. He is sweeter than ever, still kind of a rascal. I know it is too early to make any big pronouncements on the long-term behavior of Wilson. But if he stays exactly where he is right now we'd say YIPPEE! Thanks again for all your help.

Christopher - Seattle, Washington

Things are going splendid. You are right about the uncovered litter boxes. I think a lot of the spraying was going on while we were asleep. They really like [spraying] that coffee maker. I figure we're still ahead of the game as long as there's no litter in the coffee!

Lauren - Seattle, Washington

Dr. Cori's patience, knowledge, and quick-wit really helped with the new introduction of our kitten to our "more mature" kitty. She gave us some great tips and advice that was perfectly catered to the layout of our household. Now, the cats have great interactions and know how to play together! Thank you Dr. Cori!

Tulip - Mercer Island, Washington

Dear Dr. Gross,
Thank you so much for saving me. My mom and dad say that I am a new kitty! I don't think they thought I would ever act so calm and sweet... like I did when I was a younger kitty. I have been taking my pill every day, and mom says I will soon get to try every other day. I am so glad that we found you- finally someone who understands me! Warmly, Tulip

Christina - Seattle, Washington

[Tilly] has been acting like a whole new kitty! There hasn't been any house-soiling since a couple of days after you visited for your consultation. So we are thrilled! To go from 3+ house-soiling events per day to zero puts us all in a better mood!

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