Due to COVID-19, Dr. Gross is only offering telehealth consultations provided you already have a current relationship with a veterinarian.

Welcome to Feline Behavior House Calls!

We provide feline behavior consultations for felines and their people in SW Snohomish county.  We address problems with house-soiling, marking, anxiety, aggression, new pet introductions, and many other issues. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Gross today and you'll be on your way to bonding with your precious friend!

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Dr. Cori Gross is a feline veterinarian providing cat behavior consultations and acupuncture for residents of southwest Snohomish county, including Bothell, Mill Creek, Snohomish, and Monroe.


How We Do Consultations

In lieu of in-home consultations, videoconferencing can be performed so that the cat's environment and daily routine can be assessed. Recommendations for treatment usually involve behavior modification and "environmental enrichment" (changes made to the home environment to enhance quality of life).

Complete behavioral and medical history must be provided to Dr. Gross.  Medical problems must always be ruled out first by your regular veterinarian prior to scheduling a consultation.


  • Step 1:  email us by clicking the Contact Us button

  • Step 2:  have your veterinarian email us your medical record

  • Step 3:  download and complete a behavior history form on the Contact Us page

  • Step 4:  we will provide you with payment instructions and open appointment times

  • Step 5:  we will connect via teleconference and a behavioral health plan will be recommended

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"Veterinarians are the only people legally able to diagnose and treat medical and behavioral problems in animals, including prescribing medications to treat those problems." - American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior


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