About Us

Dr. Cori Gross received her veterinary degree from Washington State University in 2003.  She is a feline-only practitioner with a special interest in feline behavior problems and feline shelter medicine.  Dr. Gross practices at Meow Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA, provides in-home behavior consultations through Feline Behavior Housecalls, and serves as a Field Veterinarian for Veterinary Pet Insurance. 

Dr. Gross has given many interviews to the media as well as written numerous articles about feline-related issues.  As an expericenced public speaker, she lectures to veterinarians and veterinary students all over the country regarding the topics of feline house-soiling and pet health insurance.

"Veterinarians are the only people legally able to diagnose and treat medical and behavioral problems in animals, including prescribing medications to treat those problems."
- American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

Dr. Cori Gross is a feline-only veterinarian providing cat behavior consultations for residents of the Northwest including Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Redmond.